Elsie Kagan

Gowanus Open Studios

My studio is open for Gowanus Open Studios! Visit me at 98 4th St., #410 from 12pm-6pm both Saturday October 21th and Sunday October 22nd.

NEA Fellowship and VSC Residency

I am pleased to announce I was awarded a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts to attend a residency in August 2017 at the Vermont Studio Center.

Missing Me One Place Search Another



We are pleased to present a pop-up group exhibition of paintings by Melissa Capasso, Delphine Hennelly, Frank Holliday, Elsie Kagan, Chris Lucius, Amy Sacksteder, Tori Tinsley, and Libby Rosa.

Missing Me One Place Search Another, curated by Brooklyn studio mates Libby Rosa and Chris Lucius, offers viewers experiences rooted in memories of place, touch, and imagination. Details of the world around us are recalled from our well of memories. The brain’s stimulated neurons compile a scene by merging groups of consolidated synapses that have been fired in patterns identical to our body's initial stimulation. Traces of felt experiences, emotions, and visual information are melded together to form what we perceive as structured memories.

The visceral and tactile medium of paint relocates a memory into a new creative space - one that embraces the illogical and the uncanny. A space where missing information or exaggerated details illuminate a deeper visual understanding than its integrated whole. The viewers find themselves in a game of psychological hide and seek to construct what they believe they understand.

The artists in Missing Me One Place Search Another play the roles of creators, re-shapers, and folklorist tricksters - painting trail markers of their past to communicate something entirely new.

Assembly Desired: A group show in Brooklyn

Assembly Desired, September 2016

In conjunction with Art Slope – a nine-day arts festival throughout the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn – Ground Floor Gallery presents, “Assembly Desired,” a group exhibition featuring local artists ALLIE REX, ELSIE KAGAN, MIE YIM, and RHIA HURT.

On view from Friday, September 16th through Sunday, October 9th, the exhibition features artists from the Park Slope area who upend common motifs from popular culture and art history through experiments in collage, painting, and mixed-media. Everything from Hello, Kitty to the 17th century Dutch still life tradition is fair game.

The opening reception is Thursday, September 22nd from 6 – 830 p.m. The artists will discuss their art-making process at 7 p.m